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Wonen biedt hier de ultieme beleving, 360° view in een mid-century penthouse.
De voormalige directiesuite van Autopon is omgetoverd tot een spectaculair penthouse, met een werkelijk ongekend 360° graden uitzicht over Amsterdam.

De huidige eigenaar zag destijds de potentie van dit unieke object bovenop dit markante gebouw. Het vele licht, het ongekende vrije uitzicht, terrassen en de architectonische waarde van dit in 1955-1961 door architect Ingenieur Ben Ingwersen ontworpen moderne monument.

De ontwerpen uit het midden van de eeuw kenmerkten zich door het gebruik van vloeiende open plattegronden, veel licht, ruimte en lucht. de lange onbelemmerde sightliners zijn hier precies goed, want het uitzicht over de stad is spectaculair.

De eigenaar heeft nu al het comfort en luxe van vandaag aangebracht en de plattegrond geoptimaliseerd. De woning is “turn key”.

De materiaal- en kleurstelling is natuurlijk, ingetogen en volwassen gehouden. Alle meubels zijn geselecteerd en ontworpen voor functionaliteit en comfort.
Internationaal wonen midden in Amsterdam!


With successful Porsche racing driver Ben Pon at the helm, the Pon company, importers of Porsche cars into the Netherlands, had a hyper-modern, powerful image.
Between 1955 and 1961, the young architect Ben Ingwersen designed for the company ‘Autopon’, which became the head office, garage building and home for Pon’s Automobielhandel.

Ingwersen was an admirer of Le Corbusier., this influence clearly being seen in the ‘pilotes’ (tapered pillars) which gave the volume of the building a floating character. The optimal incidence of light, the use of bare, functional concrete and the unobstructed view were also typical influences revolutionary in the period.

The building formed the link between the old town and modern western residential areas, which were at the time under construction.
The building is considered a seminal work of Dutch architecture from the period and is now designated a national monument.

Transformation to a Penthouse

Ingwersen’s crowning achievement was to place a two-story structure on the roof to house both a technical room and the company’s board room. With the re-purposing of the building the opportunity arose to transform these two spaces into a Penthouse with a spectacular 360-degree view of Amsterdam.

Due to the historic monument status of the building major alterations of the architectural structure were out of the question. But by removing all the old non-structural formr alterations the building could be stripped back to the bare bones. This resulted in both the quality of the original structure and the future possibilities becoming clearly visible. By the subtly adaptation of passages in strategic places a completely new layout could be created.

The aim was through abstract interpretation to connect the penthouse with the style, period and location of the building
The main characteristic of mid-century design is the use of flowing open floor plans, abundant light, spaciousness and air.
Long unobstructed sightlines are perfect in this context as they connect with the truly spectacular views over the city.

Private Entrance


Applied Materials

The materials and color scheme we have selected has been kept natural and understated. The furniture has been selected and designed for functionality and comfort.

The lighting plan is not intended as an eye-catcher, but rather to support the architectural structure of the spaces and accentuate the art works in a subdued manner.

Together they form an atmospheric image that does not distract, but rather reinforces the connection with the view and the environment.

Master Bedroom

A touch of leather brings softness into the space

En suite master bedroom

Salvatori Marble Tiles

Dark Inox PVD Coated Taps

Guest Bedroom

A textured guest bathroom

Open kitchen plan

Loft Living

Natural Subdued Tones

Rooftop Terrace